"The Voices of Me" è il contributo video, nato dal workshop  della Rete Italaiana "Noi e le voci" organizzato lo scorso luglio ad Albisola Marina (SV), per il congresso internazionale di Boston  16-17.8.2017

Lavorando insieme sono emersi vari aspetti ma, in particolare, l'eterogeneità del gruppo ha evidenziato  l'importanza del sostegno reciproco, dell'ascolto attivo ,della condivisione,ha dimostrato l'importanza di essere NOI.

Insieme al video abbiamo inviato anche un piccolo articolo che trovate di seguito.

Chi sa come andrà a Boston? Noi restiamo collegati!

Dialogue with others and with ourselves is never easy, especially with those parts of us that speak to us even without vocal cords. Those persistent voices with which it is so hard to talk or those parts of us that we do not like and that we usually deny or hide. When we met at this workshop we all came from very different experiences: age, gender, social role and "discomfort".
This heterogeneity was our richness.

In this historic moment, where so much importance is given to the Ego, the deep and private analysis of ourselves, the ability to look within ourselves and to be resilient, one can forget the strength of a group. Thus, it’s so hard to shift from ‘Me’ to ‘Us’! Our group was immediately aware that this Us was "that part of Us in each one", that gives the opportunity of encountering despite the apparent difference.

The first thing was learning to listen; to listen and to meet the expectations. The crucial moment of any relationship is respecting the expectations: the unexpressed expectations that are even more important than those expressed, the expectations of the heart even more important than those of the reason, the expectations that the language of words can’t express, but only our body.
When others look after our existence and recognize us, the feeling of insecurity and emptiness is reduced. "Community today is lacking because we consume our anxiety on our own, living it as an individual problem." (Zygmunt Bauman)

What is the point of talking if no one is listening, why express those parts of us that others can’t feel if you are alone?
Being together, in the “here and now”, can be tiring sometimes, but the inner whisper calms down and we are surprised to hear others finding a way to help us but, and at the same time, asking for support; many fragile Selves who find, by telling their story and linking it with others’ stories, the opportunity of being ‘Us’ and becoming (again) aware that not everything has already been written and that everyone's dreams and hopes are at the basis of what will happen in the future.

In this small community a new talk begins, together we change, we gain confidence and we give it a try, we laugh and when we separate each one has the desire to rebuild a similar group. We look at others with more hope.

Wishing and hoping, when shared by many people and expressed aloud, they become more and more real and they are the glue of a community.

Social theatre reminds us that "we aren’t only made of molecules and cells, but rather of stories; stories that place us in a historical, social and environmental context. And it is in this context that disharmonies and conflicts arise from which the diseases originate". (Lewis Mehl-Madrona)

le voci di me workshop italiano uditori di voci luglio 2017

Dopo esser stati ai congressi di  Madrid e Parigi con Entervoces, quest' anno ci spiaceva saltare l'appuntamento, ma Boston è veramente troppo lontana!  :)

Così abbiamo pensato di organizzare qualcosa per non perdere il contatto, per stare insieme e per continuare il dialogo con le voci.

Noi non andremo ma a Boston arriverà il nostro contributo, non sappiamo ancora cosa esattamente, lo decideremo insieme durante il workshop. Vi aspettiamo !

Due giornate dedicate al dialogo e all’ascolto

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