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Ci stiamo preparando per il convegno di Parigi 

Condurranno Alessandra Basso e Marcello Macario accompagnati da Manuela, Barbara, Giorgia, Massimo e Tommaso!

di seguito il nostro abcstrat selezionato per il workshop

Words we Have inside Us

Words we have inside us are not always the ones we speak out loud, the ones which are part of

our vocabulary. Words we have inside us are signs, memories and scars; sometimes they take

some space inside us, sometimes we give them a space, but anyway they need attention and

care. In this workshop we wish to give a first chance to stop and have a look inside us and then

to write down and find a place (as if on a piece of paper) to every single word which belong to us.

The workshop is open to anyone; the participants don’t need to have any particular skill or theatre

experience except the will to play for a while, respectfully and joyfully, with their feelings and

emotions. The main language of the workshop will be the body work; english and italian will be

used too. No interpretation is necessary.

Maximum number of active participants is 40. The possibility to have more people as non active

participants will be taken into consideration, if there will be enough space.

Short introduction of the authors:

• The Association “Rete Italiana Noi e le Voci” is a registered charity which promotes the

development of the approach to the hearing voices experience based on the INTERVOICE

values. There are now in Italy more than 30 self-help groups for voice hearers.

• “Teatro 21” has been a long supporter of using social theatre as a tool to promote and

develop the concept of community identity, a means for both individual and collective growth,

as well as a facilitator in building relationships and shared meanings. “Teatro 21” is a cultural

association that works in schools, neighbourhoods and communities offering actors,

particularly those not focused in becoming professional actors, an opportunity to bring life to

their needs, creativity and self interests.

Please send this form by the 10th of June 2016 at :

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Teatro21 deals with social theater, a way of making theater which has as its fundamental purpose to achieve personal aggrandizement.It creates a special dimension where opening up to other people never means self-pity, but sharing part of our lives. There are different ways to do it, according to everyone’s personal attitude.We learn through "workshops", ie we learn by doing, trying, experimenting and taking risks. It is a group work and all together we decided what to do with you today.

Cara Voice is the result of all the work that we have done together in order to find a way to give voice to our voices and to start a dialogue with them: to ask questions and to get answers.It was not easy and of course we could not find any one-size-fits-all solution: each group has its own key, and we can only introduce our to you all.We can tell you that we discovered wonderful things together, we learnt that sometimes voices may not want to work, they may be angry, they may ask us to do something else or they may just be quiet.

The reason why keep on working together is because we believe that what we experience on the stage allows us to be actors, spectators and directorsalso of our own lives




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